Introducing Slightly Thick
(IDDSI Level 1) individual packets.

Enjoy the *first Slightly Thick (IDDSI Level 1) individual packets offered in the USA, making slightly thickened beverages a breeze for dysphagia patients and caregivers.

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More Beverages Hot or cold, thicken water, coffee, juice, ice, soda, supplements, milk, tea, soup, beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more.
Quick and Stable Ready to drink within seconds, not minutes. Won't continue to thicken over time. Prepare beverages long before they are served.
Convenient and Simple Single-use packaging, no scoops, measuring spoons, or open containers. No thickening charts. No messy powders. No cross contamination. Mixes with any utensil. Discreet.
Dietary Benefits Kosher, non-gluten, no/low glycemic impact, vegan/vegetarian, and free from many common allergens.

Discover the benefits of SimplyThick® EasyMix™ Slightly Thick Packets

Ready to drink in seconds.
Not minutes.

Desired Consistency
Per 4oz./ 120ml
Per 8oz./ 240ml
Per 32oz./ 950ml
Per 48oz./ 1440ml
Level 1 Slightly Thick
1 Packet
2 Packets
8 Packets
12 Packets
  • Step 1: Add contents of packet to 4 oz. (120 ml) of liquid.
  • Step 2: Stir briskly for 30 seconds.
  • Step 3: Most beverages ready to serve immediately.

See how simple it really is.

*First among major brands