About SimplyThick, LLC            

Based in St. Louis, MO, SimplyThick LLC is dedicated to the development of innovative technologies serving people with swallowing problems. SimplyThick® , the company’s patented thickening agent, was introduced in October 2001.

Management Team

John Holahan, Inventor and Founder.  Mr. Holahan brings a solid background in brand management and product development.  In his last position at Monsanto/Pharmacia, Mr. Holahan was a member of an entrepreneurial team that developed several innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  His innovations are the technical basis for SimplyThick® and the founding of the company. Mr. Holahan has a B.S. in Paper Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a graduate of the Executive MBA program at Washington University in St. Louis.  

Joe Fiala, Vice President.  Mr. Fiala brings a record of successfully establishing new business ventures. Most recently Mr. Fiala served as Vice President and Marketing Director for a Fortune 500 company.  In this role, he established new markets and expanded existing markets.  His leadership resulted in over $10M of new business in less than one year.  Previously, Mr. Fiala served as General Manager of a $40M business unit and subsequent to that was a key component of an entrepreneurial start-up venture within the firm.  Prior to that he was a founding member of the Midwest presence of a now-national consulting firm.   Mr. Fiala is a graduate of the Executive MBA program at Washington University in St. Louis and also holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering from the same institution.